Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pouring again

What a relief to get back to casting and art! The first photo shows three castings right out of the furnace. One is a shallow round bowl and the other two are pieces of art. To be more precise, a blob and a piece of art. I also cast a rectangular bowl which is not in this photo. The blob in the middle actually came out the way I designed it but now, I can not imagine why I thought it was any good! The nice thing about aluminum is you can always melt down and recycle your failures.

The next photo shows the rectangular bowl in the mill. I like the contrast of highly machined surfaces with the rough surface that results from sand casting. Those long lines at the bottom of the bowl are caused by the end mill and are variations of, perhaps, several millionths of an inch. You can not feel them - the bottom is perfectly smooth to the touch.

The last photo shows the finished rectangular bowl and the bottom of the round bowl. There is a tremendous joy in using all the machines; saw, lathe, mill, grinder, and wire brush and having them all work in a harmonious way to make the pieces that I envisioned.

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