Thursday, March 13, 2008


Does Google know about 'the life in steel'? Not yet, but the phrase brought up a paper on the philosophy of the body.

The steel nails forged by traditional Japanese blacksmiths contain more impurities than modern nails produced in the smelting furnace. Yet, it has been discovered that nails taken out from structures built six hundred years ago are still without rust and in perfect condition to be reused today. This fact, which goes against the theories of science, may not in itself demonstrate the belief that everything was alive, but it does suggest how the blacksmith’s long-standing conviction of the life in steel could be poured into a single nail to become a powerful and lasting life force.

The Idea of the Body in Japanese Culture and its Dismantlement, Hiroyuki Noguchi

International Journal of Sport and Health Science Vol2, 8-24,2004 p13

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